The bride and groom pose in an open field by a wooden fence with their wedding party.

After the wedding, details of the day itself start to get hazy pretty quickly. I mean, first, you get married. Then, you (most of the time) go on a honeymoon. Probably somewhere really cool. Finally, you come home and between moving, normal life and trying to change your name (more on that later), you're running around like a crazy person before you know it. Perfect formula for knocking any lingering details about your wedding day itself right out of your newly married head.

But then it happens. The day you've been anxiously awaiting (whether or not you remember that you're waiting for it by the time it arrives) for weeks now. The very reason you get on Facebook at all during the whirlwind of wedding planning. Yes, that's right, wedding photos. And your photos arrive on a CD in the mail with a proof book following closely behind and it is all you can do to remind yourself that you're supposed to be driving to the passport office to change your passport, not sitting on the couch staring at a CD case. Especially since your husband isn't home to stare at it with you.

In any case, our wedding photos have arrived! And although we both exhibited a bit of self-discipline in the midst of last week's chaos, we finally got the chance to sit down and look at them and they are wonderful. They're a chance to re-live our wedding day, to enjoy it all over again and, a bit unexpectedly, the opportunity to see a lot of the details of our wedding that we didn't have the chance to discover for ourselves in between dancing and cake cutting and telling everyone how grateful we are for them and their love. We got to see how everything really came together and how beautiful it was and how much everyone enjoyed it.

Plus, there are moments the photographer (thank you, Katie) captured that we might not have otherwise known existed. Like my husband's facial expression as he tried to master the Electric Slide. Let's just say that it was amazing, and that I'm going to print off a copy for myself before he can get his hands on it and delete it forever.

P.S. Any photographer-hunting Denver-ites out there, check out Elevate Photography. They're well worth a look-see.