No Mom?

Due to many reasons, some brides may find themselves navigating the engagement and wedding process without a mother.  The role of mother-of-the-bride is often seen as a critical one, and if you are missing that, you may feel anxious or self-conscious. As you are meeting your fiancé's friends and family at various wedding events, you may encounter questions about your relatives. There is no need to be embarrassed or, even, overly-sensitive regarding an absentee or deceased parent.  Most questions will just be curiosity, and certainly not meant with any malicious intent.  Keep your replies simple and direct. If you or your mother made a decision for her not to be involved in your life, give a response like, "My mother won't be joining us for the wedding".  If your mother is deceased, handle it the way you have undoubtedly answered the questions before with a brief statement, such as, "My mother passed away".

As for the actual events, feel free to select an "adopted"MOB. If you would like to have the support of an older woman during this very emotional and busy time, it is totally understandable. Ask a relative you have a close relationship with, or a family friend.  Also, if you are very close to the MOG, ask her if she would like to fill in on traditional MOB tasks and honors.