Tea-light candle holder with a personalized touch.

Coming up with original gifts for your bridesmaids can be hard. Often these ladies have been invaluable to you during your wedding planning, and it may seem like some gifts are just too impersonal to express your gratitude.  The best gifts are usually ones with sentimental value, so rather than focus on getting everyone the exact same thing, instead take into account their unique tastes and personalities.  The following are a few ideas to help spark your creativity, and inspire you to give simple gifts with meaning.

Did you and your bridesmaids all grow up together as children of the 1980s? Buy them different lunchboxes or boardgames from your childhood.  For a bridesmaid luncheon, pack them lunches filled with kiddie junk food and juice boxes.

If all of your bridesmaids love jewelry, but have different taste in colors and styles, try having simple bracelets made that might incorporate their love of wood, metal, or favorite charm.

Especially if your bridesmaids appreciate candles, purchasing unique candle holders can be a fun gift.  Buy different pieces for each bridesmaid that may recall their college days in New York City , their love of Russian literature, or  long-standing affection for polka dots. Fill them with their favorite scented candle.

Pottery is an excellent purchase because of how long it can last (unless, of course, you share my clumsiness). Dig around to find pieces that somehow reflect each person's style, such as a dimpled bowl for your friend with the fantastic smile or the perfectly square bowl for the perfectionist of the group.

Vintage shops are cool places to go to find unique gifts that you wouldn't be able to recreate anywhere else.  Collect items for your bridesmaids based upon their favorite era: an apron and cocktail shaker for the girl who dreams of being June Cleaver or a collection of disco vinyl for the 1970s enthusiast.

Happy shopping!

Photo: Crafty Clementines