Whether you're planning a wedding for next week or next year, here are ten signs that you grew up surrounded by Beanie Babies and harbored a secret wish that Jumanji was real.


1. When your fiancé proposed you couldn’t help but think, "Man this thing is way smaller than my ring pop."


2. You settle wedding planning disputes with your fiancé with a friendly game of rock-paper-scissors.


3. You keep your wedding planning materials organized in a trapper keeper.


4. You are probably going to add the Macarena to your song list at your wedding because, of course, you know it by heart.


5. Some days you wonder what life would be like if your future panned out the way you predicted it would when you played MASH.


6. You are giving away snap bracelets and temporary tattoos as favors at your reception.


7. Part of your fitness plan for your wedding day includes Flintstones vitamins.


8. When you hit a snag in wedding planning, you remind yourself that nothing is worse than what those poor people experienced on The Oregon Trail.


9. Your vows, programs and invitations include excerpts from a Shel Silverstein book.


10. You've been seriously considering a crop top wedding dress.

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