Snowy NYC Wedding with the Bride in a white fur wrap and the groom following behind her.

Thanksgiving is officially over and I hope that each of you got the chance to relax at the table with a comfortably fully belly and spend a moment thinking about something other than wedding planning (I find that such moments are exceptionally good for one's sanity!). However, for some of you, I'm sure that the passage of this particular holiday and the sight of the next batch on the horizon line means one thing and one thing only: you're planning your wedding and the deadline is looming!

So I thought I'd invite you to once again step back and ponder something slightly more frivolous as you ramp back up into planning mode - your dream holiday wedding venue.

For those of you that are planning holiday celebrations, I hope this is a chance for you to reflect on just how excited you are about the location of your day. And for those of you, like me, who ended up selecting a date in slightly warmer weather-well, I'm always up for daydreaming about weddings so I'm hopeful you're ready to play along!

See, I'm torn on this whole topic. I love Christmas: the lights, the snow, the music-but there are so many options and opinions when it comes to holiday weddings. Does one embrace the "I'll be home for Christmas" mantra and cozy up to a venue near their family and friends? Or perhaps head into the mountains, where piles of white powder are practically a guaranteed backdrop? Is the best option to head to a place where Christmas decorations converge in the extreme - say, Fifth Avenue in New York City?

Or does the holiday bride, knowing that her blood runs a bit thinner and that she'll have seen enough snow by mid-December to last her all the way through April, pack up her bags, her fiance and her family and use that extra holiday time off to head to create her ideal destination wedding? I'm thinking Fiji, by the way.

So tell me, wedding planning pros, where would you take- or, better yet, where are you taking- your holiday wedding? Sunshine or snow? Home or away? Let me in on your brainwaves, please! In the meantime I'll just be over here covering my house in twinkle lights. You know, the usual.


Photo Credit: Elisabeth Millay Photography