Newlywed couple kissing on their picnic blanket in the sunset. Man is holding a guitar.

So down the aisle you went in the fairy tale fashion you always dreamed of and were sent off in style with Prince Charming. Now, back at home after the busy year of planning the day you had anticipated your whole life - you realize it is over. The wedding is complete and there is nothing left to plan.

Post wedding let down can often be a difficult time for new brides and MOBs alike. The result of investing every emotion and dollar possible into one magic day is often aftershock vs. after glow when it is all over. Some brides may simply feel a little blue, whereas others may experience more severe depression. While many of the newly-wedded start their new lives as planned, some feel a sense of loss without a wedding to plan.

Anticipating this phenomenon is the first step in prevention. Recognize that once the honeymoon is over, life will return to its previously scheduled plan. The course of action can be as simple as making plans with your new mate that include building a life together vs. a guest list or seating plan. Finding a sense of completion and satisfaction in a job well done should be the goal when your event is over.

Planning a viewing party of the photos and wedding video can also offer some comfort. Sharing the fond memories gathered from the wedding and honeymoon with your family and friends is a great way to get over any post-wedding woes you or your Mom may have. Remember that marriage is the outcome of weddings and the task of building a fulfilling life with your mate should be the new goal.

Photo by Gideon Photography. To see the rest of Marlee and Tyler's shoot, click here.