Whenever couples visit their ceremony and reception venues, chances are they get caught up in the scenery and imagining all their details coming to life. So, before you sign off on the grand ballroom with the dramatic ocean view, make sure you remember to ask the questions that are crucial to the logistics of your event.

  1. Will you want alcohol served at your event? Make sure that the venue can have alcohol present, and what rules and regulations they enforce. Be clear on who is responsible for obtaining any required permits.
  2. Will the parking lot be able to accommodate the number of guests you are inviting? If not, do they have any off-site parking available? Will the extra parking require you to hire a certain number of parking attendants?
  3. If the venue has its own catering company, are you required to use them? If not, do you have to pay a fee?
  4. Are you planning on partying until the wee hours of the morning? Ask how late you are permitted to stay, as well as any local or community noise regulations.
  5. If you are planning to get married outside, would you be able to have an alternate plan at the same venue if weather makes it necessary?
  6. Does the venue book more than one event per day? If you are having an evening reception, but there is an afternoon event ahead of you, it might be hard to get things set up on time.
  7. When do they expect deposits, and for how much? If it is different than what else you have experienced as you have toured other venues, ask why.