There's a good chance if you've been living on your own for any amount of time you and your fiancé probably already have a toaster. And a mixer. And all of the other home items that folks usually register for. So while it doesn't really make sense for you to register for more home goods, there's a pretty good chance that the two of you have a dream that you would like help with.

UponOurStar is set up to do just that. Letting you register "for wishes, not stuff", it lets you break down your wish into manageable and affordable pieces that guests can then purchase to get you one step closer to your dream; they still get the pleasure of purchasing you a specific item (paint for your new house or backpacks for your round-the-world trip) while helping you achieve a larger goal.

I've included a couple of sample registries but make sure to head over to their site to check out all of the possibilities (an education for your future family? How could you not be happy to contribute to that?).



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