Short engagement?  Need to register in a hurry (or perhaps you just really want to get it over with as soon as possible)? Whether you need a lot or a little, we've got tips and tricks to setting up your registry quickly.  No matter what registry you set up, make sure to do a couple of things. First, be conscious of the prices of items you are selecting. You want to make sure that your gifts can fit everyone's budgets.  Second, even though you don't have a lot of time on this, make sure you have registered for enough items compared to the number of people on your guest list.  It can be really frustrating for guests to print out your list to find that everything is already taken.

A List Full of Necessities

If the two of you are just starting out, you probably need a bunch of basics. Choosing color palettes and trendy patterns can take time. If you just need to check this task off your list, register for classic items that you know you will use. For example, register for a set of white (or neutral colored) dishes, glass barware, sheets, and towels. Products like these are things you can build around later with trendier, more fashionable accessories.  Stick to outfitting your kitchen, dining room, and bedroom to stay on track.

Just For Fun

Truth be told, you guys don't need much.  You lived on your own for several years, and then together, and now you really have just about everything. The problem with registering for couples like you is that you can get sucked into mindless shopping because you don't really know what to choose.  To register quickly, select any items that you need to fill out your home first: an extra set of pillows, a new set of knives, etc.  Then, move to your hobbies and the holidays. Create a fun registry filled with items that the two of you will use in your time-off.  Register for a new tent and campstove, or easels and paints.  There's no rule that your registry needs to be "household" items, and picking items that have to do with your interests will go much more quickly than hunting and pecking through the kitchen section.

Consider a Honeymoon Registry

A less conventional option, but one that might make more sense for your abbreviated schedule is a honeymoon registry. Whether you are planning a minimoon or a 10-day vacay, a honeymoon registry can help you select and register for travel-related costs.  For example, split up the airfare ten ways, select fun activities at your destination that you were going to explore anyway, and find a few restaurants on Yelp that you can add to the list.  It's honeymoon planning and a registry all in one--two tasks checked off the list!


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