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When you have to ask your friend to hold your credit card as you walk into Anthropologie, it's a pretty solid indication that you love that store. And why wouldn't you?  Filled with vintage-meets-modern products that look completely unique and have a distinctively millennial vibe, Anthropologie is pretty much everything you could ever want to decorate your home.

 Above, these shadowboxes can display good memories for years to come, and you can change them out just as you would a picture frame. You'll probably want them to hold wedding day keepsakes for now, but just imagine all of the ticket stubs, family photos, and foreign postcards that the future holds!

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One of the elements of modern home decor that Anthropologie truly understands is just how good mismatched products can look together. Why register for one distinctive barware set (although we do adore the Starling line) when you can register for several and mix and match them together?

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Whether you love being in the kitchen or you could use a little incentive, this cheery combo of floral and mini red hearts (above) will perk you right up!

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You don't just have to register for dishes and sheets!  Part of creating the perfect wedding registry list is including items that will appeal to a wide variety of guests and be available at multiple price points. This guided 3-year journal (above) for couples is a fantastic way to store your thoughts about the first few years of your marriage, with questions ranging from mundane to philosophical.

And you can keep it by your bedside in this seriously stylish aqua nightstand (above, right). Lined with paper inspired by floral scarf patterns, this peppy piece will help you wake up in the morning ready to start the day!

Inspired to make your own list of favorite products?  Go to Anthropologie to create a registry list filled with items that reflect your unique style!