Today's weddings are a collage of individual styles, backgrounds, and unions. The traditional rules and expectations for weddings are no longer so strict. The same is true for wedding registries. A registry once meant a bride dragging a groom to a department store or small town gift shop to choose china and flatware patterns, and to pick all the kitchenware, glassware and serving pieces to start a home.

But today, many couples are getting married later or have already lived together, so they have accumulated many of the household items. So couples are now getting more creative with their registries, focusing not only on collecting things for posterity but also for things that will educate them, entertain them and build a hobby together.

One of the most exciting new types of registries is the wine registry. The Bottlenotes Wine Registry, powered by the country's top wine shop, Sherry-Lehmann, is a first of its kind. Many couples have learned about wine together, entertained with it, enjoyed it when out socializing, and maybe even collected it. They can now register for wine as wedding gifts. There are thousands of wines to choose from, so couples can choose the bottles themselves, choose a pre-selected starter cellar, or get advice from Sherry-Lehmann registry associate.

A wine registry can consist of bottles from all over the world, some to enjoy now and some to hold for the future. Couples can try wines from France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Germany, California, New Zealand, Australia, Chile, Argentina, and many more emerging wine regions. There can even be specific bottles to enjoy on first, fifth and tenth year anniversaries.


The best part of a wine registry is that instead of having gifts that are rarely used, wine is a part of a couple's everyday life. Whether that is a bottle of wine with dinner, or a very special bottle to celebrate a personal or professional victory, it becomes part of the fabric of a couple's life.

Wine is also something that is a never-ending source of education. The more you experience wine, the more you realize how much there is to learn. And that is a wonderful hobby for a couple to pursue throughout their life together. It can include wine tastings at home or out, wine classes, and trips to wine regions around the world.

So as useful as formal china and a fondue pot are, wine provides a much richer experience for a couple that is getting married. The Bottlenotes Wine Registry is the perfect place to begin the journey.

Register now, and the first 10 registrants each receive a signed copy of Bottlenotes Guide to Wine: Around the World in 80 Sips®.

Fine print: email registry@bottlenotes.com once registry is complete to request your complimentary copy of the book (value: $14.95).


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