Over the last couple years I've been learning how to quilt. I have always loved them, but after I learned about all that went into making them, I appreciated the workmanship of beautifully done quilts. Everything from the way the fabric colors and patterns are matched to the detailed stitching shows in an excellent quilt. Quilts aren't just beautiful blankets, but tangible bits of our own histories.

You can imagine then, how excited I was when I found Lori's site. One of the things Lori specializes in is making uniquely customized quilts, using fabrics her clients bring in.  She also has a line of her own fabrics that couples can select from.


Have your family members and wedding party send you a scrap of fabric that represents you and your honey's style, personality, or a shared memory. Lori can put it into a quilt and it will be like having a wedding scrapbook that can keep you warm.


She also does memorial and anniversary quilts. For those brides and grooms who have lost a parent, a really great way to remember them in this new phase of your life is to have Lori create a quilt made from pieces of their old clothing or fabric they owned.

No matter what kind of quilt you want to give or receive, Lori can design the most meaningful and beautiful one for you.