Premarital counseling sounds like a good idea. Until you try and coordinate your calendars. Whether you are a long distance couple, or just a busy one, finding the time to prepare for your marriage can be difficult. Now, with Marriage 101 Online you can participate in premarital classes on your own schedule. And you don't even have to do your hair because with their online courses, you can do this all from your home!

With Marriage 101 Online's Complete Couple's Package you will receive all the tools you need to prepare you for this next step and keep you on track once you are married, including workbooks, books by leading Christian experts, discussion topics, and online sessions.


In this course, you will discover the strengths and weaknesses you both possess, and how they can strengthen your marriage. You will receive instant feedback via a personalized report helping you address the most vital areas of your relationship. From how you resolve conflicts to your spending habits (that one may hurt a little, right?), the Complete Couple's Package will help you along the way to discuss the most crucial elements of any relationship.

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