Nothing can kill the romance of changing your name faster than, well, actually changing your name. Between standing in line at the dreaded DMV, dealing with Social Security and having to talk to credit card companies, it's enough to make any sane bride think twice.

Fortunately, there are always people you can pay to do the dirty work for you. Or at least make it as painless as possible.

missnowmrs-name-change-service is one such site. After registering for a fee of $29.95, they walk you through a series of online questions, which will auto-complete all the necessary name change forms and letters. You hit print and, voila, your paperwork is ready to go, complete with individual instruction sheets that outline fees, required filing documents, office locations and addresses, as well as insider tips on how to file the easiest way possible. Pretty handy, huh?

If you're not completely comfortable putting your most personal details online, there are offline options as well. Our Director of Digital Media (who is ironically a paper gal) used Kit Biz, a service that prints out and mails you all the relevant forms, as well as detailed instructions and your envelope labels (they're not leaving anything to chance). Added bonus? It comes in a pretty pink box so you can feel all bride-y for at least a couple minutes more.