I'm currently helping to plan a wedding for my good friends Gen and Lauren. (Surprise surprise, right!? Someone asked the wedding blogger for help.) Their wedding has this really great old-timey theme. Their invitations were really cool, check 'em out:

Wedding invitation with an "old timey" theme and design.

So my job was to find them favors that went with their theme. And OMG! I found the perfect things, and I'm so excited about them that I want to share them with you! They're these awesome bottle openers that are shaped like antique keys.

Antique key shaped bottle opener sitting on table near an array of bottles.

Don't they even look cool in that old fashioned box? But they aren't keeping them in that box because...

Antique key shaped bottled opener with customized tag.

You can order them with these cool customized tags. Their tags are going to read "Here's to unlocking more adventures together! Gen & Lauren."

I love, love, love these and I can't wait to get my hands on one. It'll probably be the most useful key I own. If you want to get these for your favors there are a few places to find them -- Amazon, Little Things Favors, and Koyal Wholesale which is where we found the best deal.

Cheers to awesome wedding favors!