Many guys will roll their eyes when the topic of Pinterest comes up. And you probably couldn't blame them. The site has grown rapidly with a great reputation as the place brides go to find planning ideas for all things wedding. I think you could forgive a guy for thinking it might not have much to offer in terms of dude-friendliness. However, the times are changing and that assessment is longer accurate. Believe it or not, Pinterest is quickly becoming a safe haven for grooms to research and discover ideas for their side of the wedding planning picture.

Bridal fashion, jewelry and floral inspiration are just a few of the top reasons why brides flock to Pinterest. On the other hand, for guys, a quick Pinterest search produces a plethora of boards dedicated to groomsmen gifts, attire options, unique wedding day transportation and groom's cakes. Another great thing about Pinterest is the quantity of DIY and cost-saving wedding ideas to help ease budget concerns.

Brides, send your man this blog and encourage him to get his pin on. Grooms, why not give it a shot? In today's world of wedding planning, there's truly no better resource to find and collection ideas, products and content that moves you. Here's a very easy five-point starter guide to using the site:

1  Sign up for an account at Pinterest.com. You can use your email address or Facebook/Twitter profiles to join. You can also easily find all of your friends that are currently using Pinterest.

2- Play around with the search feature to find topics you're interested in. You can search for boards or individual pins. Some helpful search categories might be cufflinks, wedding speeches or rehearsal dinner ideas. When you find an image you like, you can either "like" it or "repin" it to a board of your own. Both options will let you save the pin for future reference.

3 - You can also follow the boards of guy-friendly companies such as The Man Registry and Art of Manliness as well as wedding-centric content providers like MyWedding. When you follow someone, all of their pins will conveniently appear in your Pinterest feed. It's very simple, fellas.

4 - You can create your own boards to organize your favorite items. This way, when it comes time to decide on the tie you'll wear for your wedding or the sweet ride you'll make your grand exit in, you'll have all of your favorite options stored in one convenient place.

5 - Pin like there's no tomorrow!


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Photo Credit: Kristyn Hogan Photography