I don't know about you but, personally, I find buying a meaningful gift for the men in my life very, very difficult. It seems like you either go the X-Box style route and get something fun but not particularly meaningful or you go the photo album route and do something very meaningful but that doesn't get used every day. Throw in the pressure of a wedding or anniversary and suddenly my head is spinning.

Well, today, my dear readers, all of our problems are solved! May I introduce you to the perfect wedding or anniversary gift? Fun, meaningful and useful, the Everyday Special from Mr. Jones Watches is a true triple whammy! (Plus, it's killer-looking.)

On first glance, it looks like just a nice looking watch. But upon closer inspection, you will notice that the hands actually feature a date. A very special date. Your wedding date, perhaps?

Adding to the uniqueness is the fact that Mr. Jones only makes one watch per day for the year. So you have to be speedy to get your choice of date.


If for some reason your dates should not be available, never fear. Mr. Jones' Always on My Mind edition is a perfect, subtle reminder of how much you love him (and how much he loves you).


And because I'm a sucker for packaging I had to include a couple of shots of the box the watches come in. How fun would these be to open?


If neither of these strikes your fancy, head on over to their site where they have all sorts of other designs that do so much more than simply tell you the time.