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It’s true that weddings are really about the happy couple – and the celebration they’ve planned. However, it’s also true that no wedding would be complete without the hardworking minds and hands that help bring it all together. Whether you’re eloping with only your long white dress and a trusty photographer to capture the moment or planning a gathering with 500 of your favorite people, chances are you’ve enlisted the help of at least one wedding professional…or seven…to make your day complete.

In honor of the time, effort and creativity these vendors bring to their work (and your wedding day) here are three steps you can take to show your vendors a little bit of love and appreciation.

Step one: Find their vendor profile.

Odds are your vendors have put some elbow grease into making their profile extra spiffy. Don’t hesitate to save one or more of their Ideas — these samples of their work and portfolio are probably a big part of the reason you chose to work with them, after all.

Step two: Spread the love.

Do you see the heart icon at the top of their profile? That little thing shows your vendors a direct count of how many couples have “loved” their work. Think of it as the equivalent of a Facebook “like” (except prettier, obviously) and click away. Your vendor will be happy to get the message.

Step three: Write a review.

Now that you’ve located your vendor’s profile and established your love for their work, the only step you haven’t taken is to write a review. It doesn’t have to be long, although it certainly can be, but a few words about why you loved working with this vendor will likely a) make your vendor blush, and b) help other couples understand why this particular vendor is so incredible. They’ll also help your vendors receive the credit they deserve for all their effort.

Don’t forget that your loves and reviews help us (and other wedding planning couples) find the best vendors out there. Keep an eye out for our new mywedding Elite vendors, and just in case you've seen some shiny new badges floating around vendor profiles, here's everything you need to know about the three levels of mywedding Elite and VIP vendor status.

Gold, Platinum and Diamond Vendors

Gold Status: A Gold Status badge on a vendor's profile means that the vendor you're looking at has a top of the line profile. They've got the prettiest images, the most up-to-date information and samples of the work you either know and love or are looking to learn more about. These vendors are some of the very best and they're doing what it takes to help you find their information, fast.

Platinum Status: One step up from Gold Status, a Platinum-rated wedding professional has at least 10 reviews on their profile, making it easy to see other couples' feedback. This badge is also a sign that you should keep an eye out for exclusive deals from that vendor.

Diamond Status: The wedding professional cream of the crop, these vendors have found True Love and are the very best of the best. They've got a profile that will help you find exactly what you need among their offerings, they've got the raves and reviews of other engaged and newly married couples and they are well known for their dedication to bringing their best work to every couple they meet.

Kind of wonderful, isn't it? Now you know even more about your vendors and how to find the best people to help you bring your wedding dreams to reality. Happy planning!


Photo credit: Ali V. via mywedding The Magazine Volume IV