Planning a wedding is a big task. In many instances, planning a wedding is the largest multi-dimensional project a woman has taken on in her life up to this point (unless, of course, that woman actually plans events for a living). It's easy to get bogged down in the details and forget about the big decisions - catering and rentals, for example - and it's just as easy to have the reverse happen and pin down all the big items while forgetting about the small, fun bits like signature cocktails. Ideally, of course, we want to keep track of all the details - and do so without stressing out about them at the last minute!

With that in mind, here are a few suggestions for not only staying organized, but staying on track to meet your wedding day deadline.

1. Buddy up with a spreadsheet. Make a list of all the categories of decisions that are going to go into your wedding (everything from "venue" to "seating cards" and "bridesmaid dresses") and put them in your spreadsheet. Give each category accompanying categories - things like your budgeted cost vs. your actual cost, who is actually in charge of pinning down the details and what your deadline is for each particular item. Then, check things off as you complete them (It's the best part, right?)!

2. Really look at your calendar. Especially if you know you're a procrastinator. Because the last thing you want to do is to run out of time to plan. Know when you want to have your photographer booked, your caterer decided, your menu planned, etc.

3. Enlist some help (and accountability). Whether it's your maid of honor, your groom, or your parents, get someone else involved in the spreadsheet, the details and the deadlines. Asking for help will not only relieve stress on you, it will help you make sure that you're staying on target with planning. Your loved ones want to help you make this day special, so don't be afraid to let them - even if that means that they're just checking in on you to see if you really did find a florist by the day you said you wanted to!

Now, what about organization in your experience? What have you learned while planning that helps you stay organized? How did you meet all of your wedding day deadline?

Photo Credit: Taylor Lord Photography