Planning a wedding can be busy. There are ups, there are downs, there are floral arrangements and bridesmaids dresses. From the proposal to the moment you say “I do,” and the celebration afterward, this process is fun and exciting and occasionally complicated: in other words, it’s an adventure. And it just so happens to be an adventure that we are thrilled to take with you  In fact, we have a few quick and simple wedding planning suggestions to help you find some inspiration and put yourself on the path to wedding bliss. Ready? Here we go.

Let’s start with the venue. Possibly the largest – and first – decision you’ll make when planning your wedding, your venue is also the first of many choices you’ll make that will define the style and theme of your wedding. While we’d have to admit that we love venues in all shapes and sizes (Barns? Swoon. City lofts? Yes, please. Elegant ballrooms and family backyards? All perfect.), we know this is a perfect opportunity to start putting together the big picture of what you want your wedding to look like.

Next up on our list are photographers and caterers. Loving the photos and drooling over the food is a great start, but definitely keep in mind that you and your soon-to-be will be working closely with these two vendors before and during your wedding. Make sure that you find people to whom you feel you’ll be completely comfortable handing off some major details of your wedding day. And spending some quality time with, of course. Your photographer, in particular, will be party to some of the most intimate moments of your day. We recommend tracking down one who you’d also enjoy chatting with over a vanilla latte.

Last for now, but certainly never least: the dress. The dress. The one you’ll wear down the aisle, dance the night away, and treasure forever in photos from your day. Really, we only have two things to say on this subject right now. First, have some ideas of your own, but be open to suggestions. You never know – you may discover that tulle is your thing even when you thought your heart was set on satin. And second, savor the moment. It’s not every day a girl gets to wrap herself up in wedding dresses. Enjoy every second and find something you can’t picture your wedding without.

P.S. Don’t forget to use the best planning tools around – our wedding websites are perfect for communicating with your guests and sharing the details of your wedding day and registry.

Image credit: Ryan + Dionna Photography