A list of reasons why you may want to skip or alter the bouquet toss, and solutions:

  1. It's an antiquated tradition that either you or your friends find mildly offensive.  The idea that every single woman is desperately on the prowl to get married and will even tackle a few bridesmaids to get that much closer to meeting Mr. Right is a bit silly nowadays. If you sense that your group of friends will be less than enthusiastic about this tradition: skip it. You can keep your great bouquet, while at the same time preserving the dignity of those closest to you.
  2. You want to save your bouquet, but your friends will still want a bouquet toss. Order another bouquet from your florist.
  3. You want ALL of your friends to have a token of good luck, in their search for their own great love. Skip the toss, but instead have a bridesmaid quickly dissemble your bouquet and along with some other flowers, make tiny bouquets to hand to them individually.  Just make sure that when you give it to them it comes across as more of a "You are fantastic, and I love you", than "You need all the help you can get".