When it comes to attending weddings (and all of those wedding related events), it is hard to know when you should bring a gift. Here are a few helpful hints for gift giving:

Wedding presents are definitely a do if you have been invited to a wedding, especially if you attend. If you have been invited to a wedding but cannot attend, it is still kind to send something (which can vary depending upon your relationship with the couple). Ideally, send the gifts to the bride or groom's home. Otherwise, a very tired bridesmaid will be schlepping boxes out to her car after the reception.

Bridal or couple shower presents are only expected if you have been invited. These are more intimate gatherings that indicate a personal relationship with the bride and/or groom. You can purchase off the wedding registry list, ask the host or hostess for any suggestions, or simply buy something you think will be appreciated!

Engagement party gifts are not necessary (although I am sure the couple wouldn't reject a present). If anything, make sure to bring a little host or hostess gift if it is at someone's home.

Bachelorette parties are not gift giving occasions, unless it is combined with the shower.

Heard about the wedding through friends or in the newspaper? It is not necessary to send gifts if you are not invited to the wedding or other occasion. Feel free to send the couple a card following the nuptials.


Photo Credit: jHenderson Studios