A flower girl in a pink dress walking down the aisle with a wreath on her head and white basket in her hand.

How do I deal with family members who will try to make my wedding day about them?!! I know my family and I know this is going to happen! -Robyn Rosenberg
Dear Miss Rosenberg,
You are completely and totally in the driver's seat for the planning of your special day. Even if family members try to impose their wishes upon you, ultimately all decisions are yours. Planning a wedding can be very stressful and you should choose your battles and not sweat the small stuff.Having said that, you should also keep an open mind to suggestions. They may actually be positive or could help you add a personal touch you would not otherwise have thought of.

How do you say no to children at the ceremony without being rude? -Elizabeth Seay
Dear Miss Seay,
The little ones are often a point of contention for most weddings. Typically the way the invitation is addressed should be enough. For example if the invite does not say "and children" then the understanding is they are not invited. If you need to be more obvious however, you could include an insert in your invitations, politely requesting the little ones be left at home.Another alternative would be to offer sitters or a kids area for those guests who do not have other options.

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Photo by Maggie Heinzel-Neel. You can see more of her photos in Rachel and Darren's wedding here.