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One of the most common wedding planning stress issues that brides face is what to do when inspiration doesn't equal reality.  Whether you are a bride that gets frazzled by the endless possibilities she sees on wedding blogs or Pinterest or simply one that knows her own wedding isn't going to "stack up" against the latest celebrity nuptials, inspiration can be frustrating. But the whole point of beautiful inspirational images is to feed your creativity and imagination, so how do you use them effectively, without getting overwhelmed?

Keep it in Perspective

When you first start planning your wedding, you will probably become obsessed with all things wedding inspiration. From wedding planning blogs to glossy magazines, you won't be able to resist the temptation.  But as you start your descent into wedding fangirl, make sure to keep it all in perspective.  Unless you are a celebrity or a royal, your wedding will simply not look like the majority of inspirational content out there.  These photo shoots and movie star weddings are the result of an army of professionals and a very generous budget.  Does that mean your wedding won't be beautiful and magical?  Of course not.  Just stop comparing your vision with Kate Middleton's.

Prioritize the Details

The best way to merge inspiration with creation (without crumbling underneath wedding planning stress) is to prioritize your biggest budget items.  Perhaps you have always admired the perfect white wedding cake, or your green thumb longs for a church dripping in flowers.  Decide which details are worth the dent in your budget, and plan from there.  When you look through images of the details you are focused on, save each one you really love, and discard the ones that you don't.  Search out affordable inspiration options for the details that are less important to you.  If you are choosing to have a lavish menu but spend less on decor, seek out venues that already have a decor or style, rather than a blank slate.  If you really want a designer dress, but don't have the money left over for centerpieces, search for DIY projects that can save you precious dollars.

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Get a Second Opinion

Before you solidify any of your inspiration, show all of your saved images to a trusted friend.  Ask them what themes they see when they look at your selections. It could be that you have completely missed that all of your fave flower images include red roses, or that polka dots seem to be popping up everywhere.  Consider their opinion, and decide if that is something you should incorporate, or if it was just a coincidence that despite saying you love pink, there is nary a pink image in sight.

Make Decisions

There will come a time when you have to start making decisions.  And some people simply have an easier time with this than others.  Some brides conduct a ton of research and only make a decision once they have satisfied that we have looked at every possible options. Others are more comfortable with quick decisions after seeing only a few choices.  No matter which one you are, you will need to eventually order the cake, hire a florist, and go wedding dress shopping.  One thing that might help you make decisions is being able to connect to the vendors who actually produced the product. In our Ideas section, you can easily find the connection between a great detail and the vendor responsible.  This can make the inspirational feel completely attainable.  And lastly, don't forget to talk with the groom--although he might not know the difference between birdcage and cathedral veils, he probably has an opinion on what flavor the cake should be!

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Walk Away

Once you have made your decisions, step away from the wedding inspiration for a little while. Don't get stuck in "what if" dilemmas.  As you continue the wedding planning process, look to inspiration pages for little things like favors or place cards.  Be confident in your selections. Your wedding is going to be amazing!


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