If you are a living, breathing female between the ages of...well, of any age actually, I'm guessing that you have probably heard of Pinterest. And that you just as probably have a Pinterest account of your own. You might even be as addicted to this wonderful website as much as I am - in which case we'll probably both need help very, very soon.

But that's not the point.

The point is that while there are many pen-and-paper and checklist and inspiration-board-torn-from-magazine options out there for those of you planning your weddings, Pinterest is the best way to start organizing your thoughts.

Think about it: you can collect images, colors, dresses from all across the great wide internet and keep them very neatly and very much at your fingertips. You can organize them by maintaining separate boards for flowers, for invitation or design inspiration, for table centerpieces. You can even, if you don't want the whole Pinterest community to know what's up your sleeve before the big day itself, use Pinterest's newest "secret boards" feature. You can share ideas with Pinterest-using bridesmaids and, best of all, if you have a smartphone or tablet, you can take these things with you everywhere.

No more lugging a binder, a stack of magazines, a pile of photos with you to the florist or the bridal boutique. No more wondering where you put that picture of the dress that was clearly meant to go down the aisle with you and then trying (with no knowledge of wedding gown vocabulary) to explain what you're looking for.

It's just - especially for those visual types out there - easy. If you haven't tried this site to help you keep yourself organized and inspired, I definitely recommend you think about it, or at the very least check out's account for a whole lot of lovely ideas. It's like your very own virtual wedding magazine...except so much bigger and so much better than any magazine you've picked up before.