red, white and blue candies in jars on a wooden table.

We are having a Sweets Table so all the guests can help them selfs and just have fun, do u think I also need to give a thank u gift or can I make the sweets table the thank u gift?! Please help me. -Machejohan van der Westhuizen
Dear Miss van der Westhuizen,

The sweets table is a wonderful interactive favor your guests will enjoy. One way to turn a candy table into a thank you gift is to offer petit boxes/bags with "You are so sweet!" stickers so guests may take the treats home.

You might also want to consider a theme such as cultural, regional or color (for example, all pink) to personalize it a bit more.
Who should walk down the isle first? Bridesmaids or bride? I would like my bridesmaids to go first but just wondered what is right? -Samantha Brodrick
Dear Miss Brodrick,
Wedding processionals can vary based on style, but the traditional order is bridesmaids before the bride. They may walk, individually or paired, with the groomsmen. If included, flower girls and ring bearers follow and then the bride.

Is it rude to have an adults only reception? -Sarah Gerber
Dear Miss Gerber,

It is not rude to have an adult-only reception, depending on how the request is presented. A properly addressed invitation is the best way let everyone know who is invited to your big day. If "and family" or "and Children" are left off, most people understand.

Another way to let invitees know it's adults-only is with a printed insert in the invite, although this is not my favorite idea.
What's the best way to word an invitation if its going to be a very casual reception? Also we plan on having kegs of beer for our guests, but if they want hard liquor, it will be bring your own..we will provide pop and juice (set ups) though. How can that be worded on an invitation? - Stephanie Clairmont
Dear Miss Clairmont,
It seems to me this is more of an "after party" vs. "reception" and should be handled as such. On your invitations state something like " Come kick back" or "Beer on Tap", which will help convey the style of your event.

How long is acceptable for us to take pictures before going to the reception? -Julia Nita
Dear Miss Nita,

It is impolite to keep wedding guests waiting for you and your groom so your photos should never take longer than the cocktail hour or pre-function of your reception. Remember also to factor in drive times when figuring out the length of time you will have, and always be clear about these times with your photographers before your event.
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