Creating a wedding registry is one part fun and one part hard work. First of all, wedding registry ideas are no uncommon thing — there are countless registry programs out there, and who doesn't love wandering around their favorite store scanning items they hope to someday soon own? In my own experience, it's a little bit magical and will probably always remind me of  the scene in Sleepless in Seattle where Annie and Walter are registering for their wedding and agree on everything. Anyone? Anyway, that brings me to the part that can be hard work: agreeing on everything.

When my husband and I registered for our wedding we got to see a whole new layer of each others' style and personalities — in the best way possible. In the end, the only things we didn't see eye to eye on were the plates and the glassware (we played nice: he chose one and I chose the other), which are pretty superficial details in the long run, but still. I'm just glad he has good taste.

But on to the wedding registry essentials part of this thing. We've got a pretty incredible new registry partner in town and thought that the best way to introduce you to this awesome (and free) tool would be creating our very own dreamy registries. So, without further ado, meet Zola — your one-stop shop for beautiful gifts and memorable experiences. Now let's talk wishlist. Here are 10 of my top dream registry items (emphasis on "dream"), in no particular order.

wusthof knife block set

1. Classic 7-Piece Knife Block Set: First things first. When I was registering in real life, a very wise person told me that the two most important things I could register for were 1) a good cookware set and 2) a good knife set. This wise person was so incredibly right. Right now, I use my knife set almost every day and I love my own collection of Wusthof knives. So obviously it was the first thing I added it to my registry essentials list.

gold flatware set

2. 10-Piece Flatware Set: I kind of have a thing for gold right now. And this clean, minimal, Scandinavian-inspired flatware set is equal parts useful and sophisticated, making it the perfect addition to any table (and registry). I was sold the moment I laid eyes on it.

espresso maker

3. Espresso Maker: This espresso maker is a big wishlist item of mine — in dream registry land and real life alike. It's something I didn't even think to register for before my wedding, but it would be the perfect fit for my aversion to budget-destroying coffee shop lattes. This one isn't too big for my counter, but it still gets the job done. Perfect!

hammered moscow mule mugs

4. Hammered Moscow Mugs: Along with my thing for gold, I also have a thing for Moscow Mules. And Kentucky Mules. And Mexican Mules. Basically, if it involves ginger beer and a copper mug, I'm in. I'm especially in love with the hammered metal option here.

whiskey decanter

5. Dublin Whiskey Decanter: This choice was made more with my husband in mind than myself. But, that said, I love the elegant look of this decanter. It's classic, traditional and the perfect addition to my bar cart.

programmable slow cooker

6. Programmable Slow Cooker: Possibly the most practical (read: boring) item on my list of wedding registry essentials, this slow cooker is something I would never forget to include. Especially with fall in the air and winter just around the corner. And the fact that this one is easily programmable (countdown time and multiple cooking modes included!) makes it that much easier to set on my way out the door in the morning, which means that dinner will be waiting for me when I walk back through it at the end of the day. If that's not heaven, I don't know what is.

faux taxidermy deer head

7. Resin Faux Taxidermy Deer: The sole purpose of this faux taxidermied deer may be to balance out the utter practicality of my previous selection. It's also an enviable bit of decor, a conversation piece and it has gold antlers. Winning.

vintage olive green water glass

8. Vintage Olive Green Water Glass: I'm not sure what I like better about this water glass — the color, or the fact that it looks like the classier version of a leftover wine bottle DIY that I would never be brave enough to attempt. Either way, I think it would look great paired up with my gold flatware.

southwest rug

9. Jewel Tone Flatweave Southwest Rug: I'm normally not that into rugs, but I couldn't pass this one up. It has a spot saved for it in my dream home, right below my faux taxidermied deer. The slightly faded, Southwestern-inspired colors are absolutely gorgeous.

pizza stone

10. Soapstone Pizza Stone: My idea of a perfect Saturday night may involve this pizza stone, a cozy fire and an endless supply of black and white films (okay, or access to a Netflix account and an OITNB marathon). My husband may put in a request for Gladiator instead of The Philadelphia Story, but I'm sure we'll work it out. Anyway, this stone practically guarantees even heat distribution and can be used to make pizzas, nachos or quesadillas on the grill or in the oven. Yes, please.

Okay, everyone. It's your turn. What are you including on your wedding registry? I'm talking wedding registry essentials and wishlists alike. Let me know in the comments below! If you want to see the rest of my list, you can check it out here. And if Zola has caught your eye, create your own registry. This site is kind of wonderful — and we didn't even talk about all the unique experiences it has available. Maybe next time. Registry dreamer, over and out.