Garden Wedding Registry - Pottery Barn Planters
Photo: Pottery Barn

When it comes to your wedding registry, your outdoor space is just as important as indoors. Even if that means you're working with little patch of lawn - or, no yard at all - that doesn't mean you should put it on the backburner. Read on for items and tips for tailoring your wedding registry to your garden.

Backyard Basics

At some point, we've all dreamt of having a perfectly manicured backyard and garden. While it might sound expensive to recreate a yard worthy of HGTV, it doesn't have to be. Whether you're moving into a new house together, or you just want to fine tune your current outdoor space, a great way to start includes taming the greenery. 

Garden Wedding Registry - Williams-Sonoma Planter Boxes
Photo: Williams-Sonoma

Besides mowing the grass on a regular basis, keep your flowers and vegetable garden organized by adding some new planter boxes and plant markers to your wedding registry. 

Garden Wedding Registry - Williams-Sonoma Plant Markers
Photo: Williams-Sonoma

Don't forget the decoratons, either. A bird house or fountain is just as practical as it is pretty. The next time you host a party, we guarantee these little details will make a big impression on your house guests.

The Garden Shed

With a pretty garden also comes the not-so-glamorous part: the maintenance. Your tools need just as much care as your plants, so opt for high quality items for your wedding registry.

Garden Wedding Registry - Williams-Sonoma Copper Watering Can
Photo: Williams-Sonoma

It's no surprise we love copper details for wedding décor, and you'll love it just as much for your home. Better than the lifespan of iron tools, a set of copper gardening essentials will last you two for years to come.

Garden Wedding Registry - Pottery Barn Shed Set
Photo: Pottery Barn

Whether you're working with a shed or garage space, keep your storage as streamlined as possible. Go for slim, durable items from a sleek shed set to hoses.

Garden Wedding Registry - Williams-Sonoma Hose
Photo: Williams-Sonoma

Urban Living

Don't let the walls of your apartment stop you from growing your own vegetables or flowers. Use this opportunity to think outside the box and incorporate your garden into your décor. 

Garden Wedding Registry - Wayfair Wall Planters
Photo: Wayfair

For a balcony or rooftop terrace, opt for wedding registry items like innovative wall planters, floral hangers and self-watering pots. Even with the little space you have, it's easy to get creative.

Garden Wedding Registry - West Elm Planters
Photo: West Elm

Garden Wedding Registry - West Elm Self-Watering Pots
Photo: West Elm

The Great Indoors

Likewise, gardening isn't just for outdoor living. Add in some one-of-a-kind terrarium centerpieces for your coffee table or kitchen table.

Garden Wedding Registry - West Elm Terrarium Centerpieces
Photo: West Elm

And speaking of kitchens, you can put your green thumb to use for a more healthy lifestyle. Start by adding items like hanging herb gardens and compost bins to your wedding registry.

Garden Wedding Registry - Williams-Sonoma Hanging Herb Garden
Photo: Williams-Sonoma

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