scented candles for wedding welcome gifts


Chances are you have several special guests coming from out-of-town like grandparents and siblings. Welcome them to your wedding with a gift waiting for them in their hotel room. We have collected 10 of our favorite soaps and candles that are sure to make them smile (even after that 6 hour flight with 2 layovers).

Let's start things off with our favorite candles.  Perhaps you think it would be fun for your wedding to have a "signature" scent. After all, scent is heavily linked to memory recall. If you are having a wedding in the summer, consider a floral-citrus combo (above, left), whereas a winter wedding should feature warmer scents, such as fig (above, right).


scented soy candle


Got a burly dude on your guest list that thinks candles only come in the vanilla scent his girlfriend buys?  Not so.  Try masculine fragrances like bergamot and tobacco (above) or one that delivers all the joy of a campfire without the pesky smoke (below).


campfire scented candle


For extra-special someones (like your moms), give them an indulgent Jo Malone candle (below). Buy one for yourself, too. Life changing and a perfect combo for everyone (personally, I'm all about the lavender and lovage).


lavender scented candle
lightly scented homemade soaps


If you want to give a fun gift, but boutique candles just aren't in the budget, wrap up some soaps. You can DIY some cutie gift bags out of Kraft paper. Way better than those tiny hotel soaps.

woodsy shaving soap


So I know this shaving soap (above) is supposed to be for the fellas, but this smells so good you'll find yourself stealing one.  Because a lot of people don't like wearing heavy scents, stick with lighter fragrances, such as almond and honey or the clean, fresh aroma of wool fat soap (sounds strange, but one try and you will be a believer--I always have a bar on hand).



lightly scented soaps
citrus scented soap

Credits:  Diptyque//Voluspa//Chartreuse//Coco & Bubbles//Jo Malone//Elegant Rose//Craftsman Soap Co.//Churchmouse Yarns & Teas//Crabtree & Evelyn//Fresh