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Drinks & Snacks

Your friends and family will most certainly need a morning pick-me-up, so including a serving of your favorite coffee (remember to grind it for them) for the hotel room coffeemaker or some fresh-squeezed OJ in the mini-fridge will be greatly appreciated. But you could also include fun sodas in glass bottles, local microbrews, or water (especially handy if your wedding is a bit of a hike to get to).

When it comes to snacks, include anything you'd like, particularly things that either reflect the location, theme of the wedding, or your personalities. If your guests will most likely be dancing the night away after several cocktails, some midnight munchies might go a long way to helping that hangover be not quite as brutal the next day.

Danielle & Aaron; May 11th, 2013; Woodend Sanctuary

Practical Toiletries

Speaking of hangovers, go ahead and throw in an over-the-counter pain reliever to help them with that headache.  Other practical items they might have forgotten to pack: breath mints or gum, band-aids, tissue, antacids, stain stick, etc.  They will love that you have covered all the worse case scenarios they hadn't remembered to prepare for!

Local Specialties

If you have people coming to town for your wedding, this is also a chance for you to show off your neighborhood. Purchase some of your favorite local products, such as the olive oil soap you buy at the weekly farmers' market or a danish from the bakery downtown that you never mind waiting in line for.


The 411

Don't just include information about wedding events and directions. Your guests might want some assistance for picking out a place to eat the next day or what tourist attractions are the most entertaining.  Write out a suggested travel itinerary or a map with highlighted destinations. Mention your favorite restaurants, along with tips and tricks that only locals know (such as the best place to park to visit the waterfront or what time to get in line at a concert venue).

A Sweet Note

Even if you don't have the budget for a gift bag, it's still nice to welcome your guests with some kind words. Express your gratitude for the time and expense of their attendance either in a handwritten or bulk pre-printed letter.

Want to include some spa luxury?  Check out this collection of soaps and candles.

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