Trying to decide what size wedding you want? For most couples, they could go either way. They have a small group of close friends, an average number of family members, and a large circle of acquaintances. Although there was a time when the size of the wedding and reception was indicative of the family's wealth and status, that is no longer the case. The size of your wedding should be decided based upon how many people you want there. If you want a big party and to celebrate your nuptials with everyone you know, have a large wedding. If you think of a wedding as a private occasion, and only want to spend the day with your closest friends and family, have an intimate affair. Of course, the majority of couples do have to consider budget issues. You probably can afford a much nicer celebration for 50 than you can for 300. First, though, decide as a couple how many people you truly want there, and make your budget decisions based on that number.