Be yourself.

Select clothes and makeup that look like you. Don't wear red lipstick if you normally never use anything but lip balm. You want your friends and family to both recognize you and think that you look fantastically in love.

Options, options, options.

Talk to your engagement session photographer ahead of time about whether or not wardrobe changes will be possible, and if so, how many. Bring multiple outfits and makeup to the shoot, even if you don't necessarily plan on changing. You never know what will happen, especially if it is on location or outdoors.

As in marriage, communicating is important.

Communicate with your fiancé about what you want your photographs to reflect.  Are you a laidback couple? Maybe you want to show your personality by only wearing casual clothes. Just make sure that your expectations are the same. To you "casual" may mean a nice t-shirt and jeans, to him it might mean whatever is on his floor and relatively clean, despite the wrinkles and stains. Make sure that you coordinate. This doesn't mean you have to wear matching argyle sweaters (really, don't), but the colors shouldn't clash.

Go with the flow, and don't leave your smile at home!

Have fun! Come with positivity and adaptability. Especially if you are in a public setting, engagement sessions can take a lot of time and patience, so be prepared. The biggest thing that can ruin your e-session is if you are clearly unhappy.

Photo: Stephanie Ann Photography