What can you learn from attending a Crate and Barrel Wedding Party?

1. How to register well. It's just a wish list, right? Wrong. Ideally, a registry should be a reflection and cooperation of your personalities and lifestyle. If you register for a bunch of boring things that your friends just can't see you using, guess what? No one is going to shop off your registry. Make sure that your list feels like you and that you have something in every price point for all guests to choose from. A registry expert can help you with all of this.

2. What exactly is that? Before a friend bought me onion goggles for Christmas, I had never heard of them. And now, I wouldn't dream of cooking without them. Life changing. Let a registry expert introduce you to new products and ideas--they might just end up being the most treasured items in your house.

3. The art of compromise. Even if you and your darling are complete soulmates, chances are you don't have the same taste in everything. While you may adore a pink kitchen, he might have other ideas. A registry expert can make helpful suggestions that will make both of you happy.


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Measuring cups

To go container

Herringbone mug

Mixing bowls




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