As the two of you start building your home together, it's all about finding your style. Here we help you with four popular decor options that are available through Macy's Ultimate Registry Checklist.  It's all about selecting what you love and what makes your home exactly what you want it to be.

cozy dining room with rustic wood table

This dining room is a stunning example of warm modernism. The sleek lines and neutral color palette, combined with natural elements (like wood and stone), creates a new definition of modern furniture. The terrific thing about furniture and decor like this is that not only are they beautiful on their own, but they can easily adapt to different seasonal decor and new trends.

white mugs with unique handle and curved plates

Classic minimalism is for the couple who likes things neat and orderly, but definitely not boring.  You want to look for impactful, cleanly finished products that don't require a lot of extra accoutrement.  These dishes above are a perfect example.  Even though they are traditional white, they have unique curved handles and lines, and the cups are set into the serving dishes. Relatives will love purchasing these for you in the hopes that you will use these when they come over.


Eclectic decor favors bold patterns and exciting colors. Not afraid to experiment with texture and color, eclectic couples want their homes to be full of vibrant energy, not simply an oasis from the world.  If you fit into this style, you both probably have a natural eye for color palettes and scale. Look for decor details that will carry through your style evolution (such as the cobalt and white place setting above), but also ones that add the flair you crave (you could pair these plates with coral linens one day and gold the next).

traditional living room with soft sofa and square coffee table

Last, but certainly not least, there is traditional decor. If you want a home that feels cozy and welcoming, and furniture that will be able to weather any trend, traditional may be the right route for you.  Don't play it too safe, though. Traditional couples are also highly practical, but remember that there are more neutrals out there than various shades of almond.  Find furniture in earth tones like gray or sage (like the couch above) and use those as your backdrop.

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