Wine is always a popular gift, but allows customers to turn it into a uniquely personal wedding surprise to celebrate the couple’s future anniversaries. Their line of customizable wine boxes allow you to toast the newlyweds on their honeymoon, 1-year, 5-year or even 10-year anniversaries.  These intricately engraved and artistic wine boxes are designed to reveal one bottle at a time, for each occasion.  A gift that recalls the childhood anticipation of a chocolate-filled Advent calendar, each lid features a “when to open” date on the outside and an engraved message from you on the inside.


Recently, they launched an Etsy shop offering a special line of wine boxes that allow you to customize the couple’s names, family monograms and established dates. Their designs are simple and elegant, and they even offer single bottle wine boxes themed and customized for your wedding party (who needs flasks when you can have that?!). And best of all, they give back to the environment by planting one tree for every box they sell.

WineforaWedding is a truly unique gift that, like the two of you, truly gets better with age.  Cheers!