beach wedding aisle decor

If your dad is deceased, or the two of you are just estranged, chances are you are wondering who will walk you down the aisle. It is completely acceptable for a bride to do the big walk solo, but some women love the idea of a meaningful escort on their wedding day. Here are a few substitutions to consider as your wedding aisle partner.

Mom.  Especially if you two are close, this could mean so much to both of you.  If your father has passed, you could each carry a token of his down the aisle with you.

Another family member. From your kid brother to crazy Uncle Larry, you might have a myriad of loving relatives to step up and do the job.

Important family friend.  Your dad's fishing buddy since childhood. Your best friend's dad.  The local pastor you've known since the second grade and is officiating your wedding.  Sometimes the friends we have in our lives are just as significant as family.

Your child. If you have already started a family of your own, who better to take the next step in this journey with you?

Best friends.  It might make more sense for your bridal party to "give you away" than precede you down the aisle.  If those are who love you most in this world, celebrate it!

Your (almost) spouse.  I have seen this happen a couple of times, and I actually love it.  You are about ready to join your lives together, why not enter the ceremony at the same time?

A beloved pet.  Fur-baby love is deep and real.  Have your "best friend" walk down the aisle alongside you.

No matter which escort you choose (even if it's just you), your wedding will be beautiful and amazing!

Credit: Anna Kim Photography