How do u thank someone for a cash gift in a thank you card, without being out right? -Ana Vantrece
Dear Miss Vantrece,
A proper thank you note should state the gift which you are thanking the person for. Remember cash is king and should be acknowledged as such in your note. Consider a line such as, “We appreciate your gracious gift, the cash will come in very handy.”

And don't worry. It is not offensive to say the word cash.

If you decide not to have alcohol as part of your wedding but do have it available for guests to purchase from the venue, how do you tell your guest ahead of time? -Elizabeth Ortega
Miss Ortega,
As cash bars grow in popularity for a variety of reasons, so do the ways in which the message is conveyed.

If you have not sent your invitations, consider including a reception card which indicates the style of the reception. For example, “hors d’ oeuvres and cash bar.”  This will ensure guests come prepared with cash if there is not a convenient ATM.

You can also rely on word of mouth to let people know. Telling a few friends in your inner circle, and asking them to help spread the word can be very effective.

How do I handle people that keep asking me where their invite is? I seem to have quite a few people inviting themselves to our wedding, assuming they are on the list - when they are not. :- Erin P. Hollars
Dear Miss Hollars,
Stick to your list – and your guns.

Ultimately, you do not have to give any excuse if someone is not invited. You may consider these lines, though, if you get asked: "We are keeping the list intimate” or “Our list is really only family and our closest friends.”

Regardless, uninvited guests may happen and by anticipating this and preparing yourself now you won't let the surprise ruin your wedding day.

Thank you card template by Melissa Esplin. Download your own version here.