Gift basket filled with items for guests adorned with a black bow.
Welcoming your out-of-town guests is a detail which shows your guests you really appreciate their attendance at your event. The manner in which you decide to present this thoughtful gesture can be simple or lavish depending on your style and budget. The important thing to remember is that it truly is the thought that counts.

When deciding how you will salute those who have traveled for you special day you should consider these ideas and tips:

-Offer local specialties for which your city or town is known. For example, if you live in Atlanta you might consider offering mini Coca Colas or Georgia pecans.

-Look for freebies. Your local Chamber of Commerce, convention bureau or tourist information center will often provide free maps, pamphlets or magazines, which promote the wedding area and can be included as part of the welcome gift.

-Include a personal letter from you the special couple along with pertinent scheduling information for your event.

-Add your personal brand, logo or design to personalize the gift. This may also include a questionnaire about fond memories or personal experiences your guests share with the bride and groom.

-Keep in mind, hotels normally charge $3 - $5.00 per delivery, so consider this when budgeting your present.

-Consider a theme based on the location: if you are having a beach wedding toss in some sunblock and flip flops.

-Share personal favorites whether it be candies or a treat or even a restaurant suggestion. The whole welcome should reflect your personal style and taste.

-Go Green and use an innovative, reusable container like a tote , straw hat or basket from the thrift store.

Gift basket filled with items rest in front of dozens of other baskets.

-Get creative and consider homemade treats such as cookies and breads or even simply fresh fruit such as a couple of apples with a note.

Gift basket items, including drinks and other treats, and a "welcome" note.