If im going to be on the beach and barefoot (YEAAA!!!) but have a formal "fit and flare" gown, how long or short should I hem? -Nicole Koulis
Dear Miss Koulis,

You will be a vision of the sea in your mermaidĀ or fit-and-flare style gown at your beach wedding. The hem of this type of gown should be low assuming it also has a bit of of a train; you'll want to make sure it fully covers your feet.

Also, be certain to hem it long enough so that if you do decide to put on a pair of heels after your ceremony the line will still look good.
What is the best hair styles for a strapless dress? -Helen Jones
Dear Miss Jones,

The bride's hairstyle is a very important decision. Her coiffe should complement the veil, dress, ambiance of the event, and, most importantly, the bride herself. Typically an "up-do" looks great with a strapless gown, emphasizing the neckline and shoulders. If you are a person, however, that does not look best with your hair up then, please, wear it in a style that suits your personal style and the other elements of your special day. Remember, this is your day to look and feel your best.
Beach wedding. Very hot weather. Strapless dress. Should i have hair up or down? Thanks. -Mandy Willcocks
Dear Miss Willcocks,

Consider your comfort first. You don't want worries about sweating or overheating to impede on your enjoyment of the day.

From there I would factor in dress, veil and overall ambiance of your affair. If it's a more casual affair, you might want to consider loose, beachy locks or a soft ponytail; for a more formal setting, it's often more appropriate to wear all of your hair up. Whatever you decide, make sure you will look and feel your best with whatever you choose.
If we are having a small beach wedding, is it ok etiquette to do a bridal registry if some of the people are not invited. -Denise Dunnam
Dear Miss Dunnam,
Yes, it is polite to register if you are having a small beach wedding. Consider sending an announcement, including a photo of your special day, after you return. This will include those otherwise left out, and allow them to send you a gift, if they were planning on doing so.

My mother has told me it is customary to invite your "out of town" guests to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. However 75% of our guests are coming from out of town. Do we really need to have all of them? Or can it just be our bridal party. It is way outside our budget to have everyone there. That's like having a wedding twice! Lol -Stephanie Marie
Dear Miss Marie,

While it is a very nice gesture to invite your out-of-town guests to your rehearsal dinner, in this instance, it may not make sense. In situations such as yours, it would be best to invite only bridal party and immediate family. Feelings may get hurt if you invite some out-of-town guests and not others.

In order to include everyone, you could also consider a casual welcome gathering at a central location after the rehearsal dinner where everyone can meet to say hello.
Are colored wedding dresses the new trend?? -Rochelle Green
Dear Miss Green,

Every season a few colored gowns pop up, however I would not call it a trend. White and cream are still the wedding mainstays, although, a colored gown can definitely make a dramatic statement.

The current trend I am watching, however, is the addition of colored accents, such as sashes or belts. Brides are opting to add this touch after the ceremony and before the reception as a way to change up their dress without undertaking an entire ensemble change.
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