couple standing in snow in red and black

The holiday season is one of the most magical and romantic times of year.  And yet, we are often so busy we forget to really enjoy it with our sweethearts.  Here are 5 fun date ideas for December!

Christmas Shopping Extravaganza

Yes, even a to do list can be romantic.  Give yourselves the entire day to get your shopping done for friends and family with plenty of breaks for cocktails and noshing.  Just resolve to go with the flow throughout the day, whispering sweet nothings, and ignoring the children hassling their exhausted mothers for another photo with Santa Claus.

Check Out the Lights

There are few things more delightful than a row of houses aglow with Christmas lights.  Some areas have local landmarks, parks, or zoos that are especially decorated for the holiday season. If you aren't able to tour one of those, head to suburbia, where you can count on plenty of families who have gone all out. Grab a cocoa first and queue up some carols on the car stereo.

Host a Cocktail Exchange

We've all heard of cookie exchanges, and they're great. But take things in a decidedly more grown-up direction with a cocktail exchange. The two of you supply all the mixers, snacks, and recipe cards and each guest can bring a bottle of the alcohol for their selected cocktail to sample.  Just don't pour full-sized drinks unless you are looking to call in a fleet of cabs to carry your friends home.

Engagement Session-a-Long

You need to get those pictures taken, but it has become such a chore to think about what to wear and where to go.  What's your favorite cafe? Place to hide from the world for an hour? Restaurant that serves the best Monte Cristo sandwiches that you both love?  Go on a legendary date night to these special places and bring a cool photographer along.  Sure, three might seem like a crowd at first, but in the end you will have some very snazzy pictures to show for it.  And yes, you can absolutely use them for your Christmas cards, Miss Multitasker.

Take a Weekend

The season is over in a blink of an eye, and it is often filled with a lot of obligations, from company parties to family dinners.  Take time away just the two of you. Find at least one night and head out of town to a quiet cabin to enjoy some snow or into the city to take in The Nutcracker and stay at a swanky hotel--whatever the two of you truly enjoy.


 Photo Credit: Powers Photography