Trying to choose the right registry for you? Here are the 3 most popular options:

A traditional wedding registry is basically any wedding registry in which you are registering for actual gifts. But these gifts can be as nontraditional as you want. Some couples choose to register for toasters, blenders, and throw pillows. Others prefer a list filled with guitars, video games, and family-sized bags of Cheetos. The goal is to pick items that will help you start your new life together. Department stores are the usual go-to for this, but these days you can also find wedding registry options at your favorite boutique stores and websites.

For couples who already have most of the necessary household items, honeymoon registries are a great way to go. You can register for everything on your honeymoon, from airline tickets to spa treatments. When your guests go online to purchase a gift for you, they can choose between the different experiences, rather than just giving you a cash amount.

Another option for couples who already have what they need is a charity registry. If you have a cause near and dear to your hearts, these registries are a way to give your wedding event an ever deeper meaning. Especially if you want to support a political cause, choose more than one charity so that all of your guests can donate to something that also has significance for them.


Photo Credit: Tami Melissa Photography