I can't believe I'm about to say this but isn't this the prettiest pig you've ever seen? When I saw these pigs at Renegade Craft Fair, my immediate thought was, "What a guest book!" Instead of putting out the usual book and asking guests to sign it, wouldn't it be so fun to have friends and family leave you advice or share their dreams for the two of you? Or even leave you a Polaroid snapshot of themselves at your wedding? Then in a year, or ten (depending on how patient you are) you can crack open the piggie and get a little taste of your wedding all over again.

And these are definitely a keepsake made with love. Jessica from Speechless Studios hand-crafts each memory bank in slip-cast ceramic with a white glaze and offers two options - one with a cork hole so you can take your memories out and reuse the piggie; one without for a more dramatic unveiling of its contents (I gotta say, I kind of like the idea of drama, but you all probably know that by now...).