Modern white and green wedding invitations
Photo: Our Love Is Loud

All right, my engaged friends, I have a question for you. And I want you to be honest with me now. I mean really, let me know what you think.

How on earth, when you're right smack dab in the middle of planning your wedding and your head is spinning with the potential of developing ideas and the details and the aftermath of the final guest list decisions and the fact that you finally found shoes for yourself and your bridesmaids, do you keep it all organized?

I was really proud of myself for a while. I got a Moleskine notebook dedicated solely to wedding planning, a three-ring binder, plastic inserts to hold copies of contracts and catering menus, my checklist(s) and page after page of wedding inspiration pulled from my generous stack of magazines. Everything within the walls of that binder is still, as far as I know, in all the right places. It's just that now, that binder, with all of its careful organization, is no longer gently placed in the middle of my also carefully organized desk.

Nope. It is possibly, at this moment, still on my desk but buried somewhere in the bottom third of that stack of magazines. Or underneath my wedding shoes, which I picked up two days ago. Or, in all probability, nowhere near the desk at all but instead underneath the pile of jeans on my floor. Which reminds me that I seem to have misplaced my Moleskine.

Maybe this is just a sign that I need to clean my room. But I think that it's more that I'm transitioning from major decisions to detail decisions, and while the major decisions are obviously major for a reason, there are so many detail decisions and I haven't managed to corral them into my formerly organized life. I don't have enough plastic inserts for that.

It appears that one can, in fact, use up all of one's organizational energy.

My MOH and I have scheduled a planning session tomorrow for the sole purpose of organizing (or re-organizing) everything. We're going to determine what still needs to be done (down to the last detail), to figure out legitimate deadlines and categorize the decisions and then we're going to delegate them (I am beyond bad at delegating. It is not one of my strengths. Like I'm going to start using it as my "weakness" in future job interviews).

So, with that in mind, please tell me what you've learned in this sometimes hectic and certainly busy process. What has helped each of you keep it all together? Should I be investing in sticky notes? Forming flow charts? Color-coding my calendar? Or, maybe, I should just head back to the checklist that is (most likely) buried in that pile of jeans on my floor.