For those of you who haven't yet purchased your bridesmaid gifts, you may want to consider individualized gift baskets.  Fill the baskets with each woman's favorite things, such as candy, bath products, and beverages.  Also nice to include is a book tailored to their interests, such as the following:

For the vegetarian: Food Matters: A Guide to Conscious Eating. Mark Bittman outlines issues with the food and agri-business industries in America.  Encouraging a more plant-based diet and organic lifestyle, Bittman's writing is extremely approachable and informative.

For the history buff: Encyclopedia of the Exquisite. The author, Jessica Kerwin Jenkins, explores the history of all things whimsy and great, such as champagne, red lipstick, and ambrosia. This book is sure to delight anyone that appreciates the fun and frivolous.

For the guilty-pleasure reader: One Day.  British novelist David Nicholls weaves a terrific summer read for any true romantic.  The story focuses on the evolution of a relationship between two college students over the subsequent twenty years.  Will they end up together?  Will it end in tears?  A little of both?

For the spiritual friend : Traveling Mercies. Anne Lamott's heavily autobiographical work focuses on her spiritual journey, as well as the early formation of her social activism.  Filled with poignant moments and highly-relatable content, this very honest memoir is her most famous work to date.

For the epicurean: My Life from Scratch.  Gesine Bullock-Prado (yes, she is Sandra Bullock's sister) pairs the story of her departure from Hollywood to start her own bakery with some of her own terrific recipes (warning: don't read if on a diet, it will only end badly).

For the avid traveler: The Lost Continent.  Legendary travel writer Bill Bryson delivers a wildly funny series of anecdotes from his great American road trip. While this book is very sarcastic in tone, it celebrates the best of travel: meeting interesting people, seeing amazing sites, and being able to share the stories with everyone you know.

For an extra personalized touch, make sure to include a note in the front of the book, telling your bridesmaid why you selected this book for her and how happy you are that she can share in your wedding day.