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Family Album Table

Having an intimate wedding in your backyard gives you free rein to be as sentimental and personal as you want to be! We love the idea of including a photo album table at the reception. Include as many generations' wedding photos as you can to celebrate both of your family histories.

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rustic wedding details for outdoor reception
Photo: Cyn Photo

Rustic Backyard Wedding Details

Hand painted signs, heart shaped rocks and place cards tied to a tree are easy rustic details that add charm and character to a backyard wedding. Not only does each detail fit the vibe, they're also simple to make and affordable!

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full, rustic bridal bouquet for simple wedding
Photo: Charla Storey

Backyard Bouquet

Complement your backyard bash with a bouquet to match! This effortlessly elegant arrangement looks like each flower was just plucked from the garden out back but with a totally refined twist.

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Backyard Wedding Ceremony

Be sure to work with what your backyard is giving you, rather than against it. If you have a huge tree in the middle of the yard, make it the focal point for your ceremony, as the bride and groom did here. The tree's natural beauty is 100% free and the shade provided is an added bonus for you and your bridal party!

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Lantern Filled Reception

We love the intimate, casual feel of this wedding. The lanterns lend a festive air and help elevate the lawn party to something special. Lanterns like these are also a cost effective way to light up the dance floor once the sun goes down.

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Favor Pantry

To really play up a rustic theme, why not add some vintage furniture to your reception decor? We love the idea of a favor pantry, packed full of homemade jams and potted herbs for your guests to take home. Where else can you so easily bring the indoors out than in your own backyard?

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Backyard Canoe Cooler

Put that canoe you've only used once (and has since been sitting in your garage ever since) to good use for your wedding and fill it with ice and beer! It's cute and practical.

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playful backyard photo booth with DIY props
Photo: Ashlee Harmon

Backyard Photo Booth

We're not saying that a silly photo booth is a necessity at a backyard wedding, but we are saying that one is highly encouraged! With a backyard wedding comes a relaxed atmosphere that lends itself to lots of fun. Stock up on funny sunglasses, big hats, wands and swords at a party store, set up your camera, and let your guests have at it!

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bonfire pit on backyard patio
Photo: Charla Storey

Backyard Bonfire

A lit fire pit is an especially lovely addition to a backyard wedding during those transitional months when it's warm during the day and cooler at night. Stock a s'mores table nearby and arrange some chairs from the dining room around the fire so your guests can indulge in a little fireside fun.

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Sunflowers in Gold Mason Jars

Mason jars are a definite staple at any backyard wedding but we love how this couple elevated the classic rustic look to something more glam just by spray painting them gold. The sunflower arrangements are perfectly simple— just what you want for such an intimate affair!