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Lush Bridesmaid Bouquet

This jawdropping bridesmaid bouquet is gorgeous with its sprawling greenery and pretty flowers. The soft blush roses and prickly thistle look beautiful together in this arrangement for a modern vow renewal.

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Love Note

It should come as no surprise that we are suckers for a great love story. The bride and groom in this real wedding met when they were in the 6th grade. With his wedding present, she included a note that she had written to him, in her sweet middle school handwriting, giving him her number. Such a beautiful moment!

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Pineapple Decor

Pineapple decor was everywhere this summer, from backyard barbeques to destination weddings. But our fave example of this popular trend was the way this Hawaiian wedding used golden pineapples throughout their event. For DIY brides, this is a really easy detail to do yourself, just break out the gold spray paint.

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Versatile Venue

If you've started to plan your wedding, then you already know what a challenge it can be to find the "perfect" venue. Especially for larger weddings, finding a location that can take care of all of your guests, while still being suitable for your theme can be a tall order. This stunning New Jersey resort venue really wowed us with its versatile and varied settings, including a garden with a stream for the ceremony, a clubhouse with a view, and a traditional ballroom to complete the evening.

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mismatched china at vintage wedding
Photo: Elite Photo

Vintage China

Effortless style is pretty much every woman's life goal. And this bride had it in spades. Although there were many enviable and thoughtful details at this vintage weddings, our favorite was the mismatched china. The dishes added a delightful splash of color and patterns to the long tables.

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elegant bridal party in mismatched dresses
Photo: Imogen Works

Mismatched Chic

Speaking of mismatched-chic, bridal parties loved this trend for their dresses this year. Although many weddings featured mismatched bridesmaid dresses, this was by far our favorite group of ladies. Seriously, take notes, because this is how it's done.

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hanging glass lanterns
Photo: Love Ya, Jess

Glowing Lighting

Soft lighting at a wedding helps set a romantic, ethereal mood. And we loved this vow renewal's hanging mercury glass lanterns with flickering candles inside. The wedding planner also used the same lanterns as planters throughout the tablescapes.

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Embroidered Handkerchief

By far, one of our favorite trends of the year was embroidered handkerchiefs. A chance to dry happy tears and convey a heartfelt message, this is such a lovely way to commemorate the day. If you want to do this for a parent or your spouse, keep it short, sweet, and personal.

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Coordinating Cakes

We love groom's cakes, but sometimes they can seem a bit out of place. It makes sense that this set of coordinating wedding and groom's cake came from a Southern wedding. After all, they started this tradition. Use matching colors or textures in your cake so that they complement each other, rather than distract.

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summer camp wedding
Photo: Abby Anderson

Meaningful Theme

Summer camp weddings are such a blast. But this wedding was extra special. The bride and groom actually met at the summer camp her family owned, and they returned to the scene of the crime for the wedding. What a clever idea!