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cotton candy and sprinkle marshmallow smores
Photo: Aww, Sam

No-Judgment Sweets

Let's face it, cotton candy wedding treats are super sweet. There's nothing subtle about them. Needless to say, we gasped with delight (but knew a sugar coma would surely follow) when we saw these homemade s'mores, complete with sprinkled marshmallows and a thick dusting of cotton candy.

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cotton candy cronut sandwich
Photo: Studio DIY

Forget Plain Cronuts

Not that the cronut needs improving, but if you want to personalize yours, try a cotton candy cloud sandwiched in between. A platter of these would be lovely at a pink bridal shower.

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The Best Food Cart

Many major cities have vendors that specialize in retro sweets like cotton candy. Rent their services for your big day and have them hand out cones of cotton candy to your guests at the reception.

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cotton candy tablescape with gold backdrop
Photo: Kendal Riley

Whimsical Centerpieces

Take your cotton candy wedding details beyond dessert when you turn them into adorably fluffy centerpieces. This state fair-themed wedding maximized its use of carnival refreshments by hanging tufts of cotton candy in front of a golden backdrop.

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cotton candy spiked with vodka
Photo: Sugar & Cloth

Appearances Can Be Deceiving

This might look like mild-mannered cotton candy, but it's actually closer to an inventive take on the Jello-O shot. Spiked with vodka, it's sure to make your bridal shower guests giggle.

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cotton candy cones with pull out messages
Photo: Oh Happy Day

The Kids' Table

We all know that the kids' table is having the most fun. Make them their own favors with a pull-out message with these simple cotton candy cones.

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gold cotton candy like spun sugar used as centerpiece
Photo: Cooking Books

Not Just Pastels

Cotton candy isn't all pinks and pastels. This shimmering golden spun sugar is molded into a cotton candy shape. Although you could certainly eat this, it's much stickier and harder than traditional cotton candy. Instead, use it as a centerpiece.

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Fluffy Topper

This magical birthday cake's concept could easily be transformed into a cutting cake for a wedding. The frosting features swirls of cotton candy colors, and is topped with white chocolate disks surrounding a delicate dollop of cotton candy.

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Sugar Cookies, Instead?

Love the fun of cotton candy but not a fan of that much sugar? Find desserts that mimic the style, such as these darling sugar cookies with watercolor-like swirls of cotton candy.

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Pretty in Pink

Maximize the pink effect of your cotton candy details by being pretty in pink yourself. With a blush wedding dress and a bridal party all in pink, you'll all look delectable.