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Tail Feathers

The proud peacock is the most regal of all birds. Adding a tail feather or two to hanging aisle bouquets provides a vivid pop of color to lead the way.

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Hydrangea in birch stumps as aisle decor
Photo: Zuma Photo

Outdoor Classic

Hydrangeas and birch stumps as aisle decor give a subtle nod to tree-lined streets and white picket fences. This combination spells class for any American dreamer.

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simple mountain ceremony seating
Photo: Jessica Burke

Elegant Earth

Keeping an affair sophisticated in a natural setting can be a real life fairy tale. Tree stumps double as tables for simple aisle decor to complement the amazing view.

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DIY can be chic, too. An outdoor ceremony is the perfect place to add unique simplicity down the aisle. Love is virtually growing right along the grass with paper hearts rooted into the ground.

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Country Chic

A graceful daisy in a burlap cone is perfectly tasteful for a country celebration. The blue ribbon adds a dash of color for aisle decor ideal for a classic Southern wedding.

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Secret Garden

Step into a world of enchantment. Imagine floating down the aisle on a cloud of flower petals. The whole ceremony feels like an ethereal vision out of a storybook with lush bouquets of baby's breath.

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Petal Lined Design

Petals down a wedding aisle is nothing new. Bring it to the next level with an intricate design as permanent as your single status.

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Hold Nothing Back

Luxurious ceremonies call for one color and many elements. Petal lined aisle, flower rope and chandelier (and don't forget the gigantic arrangements) define this black tie event.

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Candlelit Walk

Churches and candles go together. The wooden ceiling of this chapel bounces an effortless glow back onto the altar. This is a walk to remember.

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Tied Up in a Bow

Flowers and lace aren't the only elements of classic beauty. Ribbons tied along a rope make for a glamorous walkway. They will even float with the breeze for an effortless elegance.