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rustic wedding lit up with string lights
Photo: Natalie Elyse

Wedding Decor Staple

String lights have become a wedding decor staple, particularly for outdoor events and those with industrial, shabby chic, or modern themes. Edison bulb decor, the vintage-inspired cousin of traditional string lights, have found their way into barn rafters and light up rooftop weddings.

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Keep the Party Going

Edison bulb lighting can keep a wedding reception going into the wee hours of the morning when strung over a lawn or patio party.

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Mix & Match

Mix and match your light bulb decor with other forms of eclectic lighting, such as vintage marquee signage or dynamic chandeliers.

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Streamlined Sophistication

Likewise, when you are a less-is-more bride, design your Edison bulb lighting accordingly. This modern event arranged light bulbs to hang in a single row from the ceiling at varied heights.

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string lights decorate reception venue on rainy day
Photo: Eli Turner

A Warm Glow

Hosting your wedding during rainy season? Edison lighting can transform a gloomy day into a glowing, warm space, especially when placed near slightly reflective surfaces.

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Direct Their Attention

When you want to highlight a specific area inside your venue, add string lighting to capture your guests' attention. This foodie wedding's seating chart was lit up with a string of overhead bulbs.

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Create a Backdrop

Industrial venues are so popular right now, but they can be hard to decorate. With brick walls and cement floors, it can sometimes feel too cold and stark. Use Edison bulbs to create an alluring backdrop for a ceremony or seating area.

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DIY Details

Make this detail all your own by painting the bulbs or adding metallic accents. Just make sure that you are using the appropriate and safe supplies (these bulbs can get hot during a long party).

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Absolutely Glam

Go over-the-top by stringing up way more lights than you need. Sure, the lights may be so bright that your guests need sunglasses, but the glamorous effect will be totally worth it.

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Not Just Lighting

Use these bulbs as place cards, or in centerpieces like this decorative creation sitting on a cake stand at an industrial wedding.