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Fall Picnic Vibes

The bright green apples contrast perfectly against the black and white cloth in these cute table number baskets. Not only are they a fun way to guide your guests to their seats but they double as healthy late night dance floor snacks, too!

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cornucopia inspired centerpieces
Photo: HGTV

Autumnal Cornucopeia

You may have to remind your guests that these lush tiered arrangements aren't actually the appetizer course! We love how the fresh fruit against the polished silver gives the table a unique rustic elegance.

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Pomegranate Delight

This vibrant pomegranate-laden centerpieces goes with a casual fall effect thanks to the addition of pine cones. Spend an afternoon at a nearby park collecting those off the ground and buy your pomegranates in bulk at a warehouse for some seriously stunning — and affordable! — fall arrangements.

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Squash Vase Centerpieces

How GENIUS is this wedding decor idea!? Instead of using a piece of fall fruit inside your centerpiece, try using it as your vase instead! Just scoop out the insides for an effortless and totally unique centerpiece idea. Don't forget to roast those squash seeds with a spice mix for your wedding favors!

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Whimscial Apple Bouquet

We're getting major Snow White vibes from this dramatic apple-infused wedding bouquet. It's romantic, playful and packed full of other seasonal favorites that'll add just enough autumn to your walk down the aisle.

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elegant autumn centerpiece
Photo: Jenni Kayne

Dutch Still Life

This artfully-arranged centerpiece reminds us of a Dutch still life painting from the Renaissance. In other words, it's a total work of art and deserves to be framed (at least in a photograph on your mantel, anyway).

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Persimmon Party

If you're not an apple fan, persimmons are another seasonal fruit that will look so elegant on your reception tables with their bright color and shiny skin. We especially enjoy how these are set against pale green-gray dusty miller so that they really pop.

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Autumnal Apple Arrangement

The apples hanging from the bottom of this strikingly full arrangement mimics an apple tree, laden with ripe fruit ready for picking. It's modern and cool— we can see it working especially well for a hotel or art gallery affair.

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red apple and red rose bridal bouquet
Photo: Babb Photos

Red Apples and Red Roses

What's more classic than a red rose? A red apple, of course. Put the two together and you've got a uniquely classic bridal bouquet that'll look stunning set off against a pure white gown.

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Wildflower Grape and Pear Combination

Pale green pears and grapes peek out between dramatic swaths of florals and greenery in this oversized centerpiece. There's an effortlessness to the way this one is arranged, as though the elements were found growing together in nature, which makes it all the more awesome in its originality.